Solving problems, not creating them.

Many people see HS&E issues as an expensive and time-consuming burden that restricts business activities and it is true that taking an ill-informed over-cautious approach can be expensive, inefficient and may not even significantly improve the safety of personnel. It is, however, essential to address valid health and safety issues properly and promptly.


It is also important to get good advice. A mass produced report recommending all available precautions, a requirement to undertake actions that are not necessary or a poor suggestion on how to address an issue (for example recommending equipment or a modification rather than a procedural change) will all cost far more than the difference between a good and a cheap report.


At ATSL we ensure we identify the real issues and address them in a practical, logical and thorough manner.


We identify cost effective solutions to your issues by providing:



We are experienced at working with large multinational companies and interfacing with their systems. We also enjoy working with and supporting smaller companies.

ATSL can:
Why Alphatech?

Because we solve your Health, Safety and Environment issues, not create more!