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Legionella bacteria live and multiply in water systems but when released into the air and inhaled they can cause legionnaires' disease, a potentially fatal illness. They can live in any water systems and the legislation requires that the risk be controlled in all commercial premises including both ‘industrial’ water systems and ‘domestic’ water systems such as toilet, kitchen and shower facilities on company or government premises.


The control of legionella bacteria is a legal requirement under the COSHH regulations.


HSE document L8 (Legionnaires’ disease - The control of legionella bacteria in water systems’ - Approved Code of Practice and Guidance) describes the activities that are expected to be undertaken to adequately control the risk from legionella bacteria.


ATSL have experience in undertaking these activities on:  



In our opinion it is important to get a realistic individual risk assessment for your system to avoid receiving a standardised report which recommends every control activity. The cost of ongoing un-necessary control activities can far outweigh the cost of a good risk assessment.

provide whichever of the elements recommended in L8 that you require:


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Legionella Control in Water

Legionella Control