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Safety Data Sheet (SDS) requirements are specified in regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH) but these have been amended by regulation (EU) 453/2010 which came into force in December 2010. This new regulation introduces many changes including numerous sub-headings under which information must be supplied (there are some circumstances under which it is acceptable to state that no information is available) and the requirement to provide information on Exposure Scenarios (ES).


All Safety Data Sheets issued within the EU after December 2010 must comply with this new regulation.


Within the UK the CHIP legislation has been amended such that the REACH requirements apply to the UK.


Although the legislation applies to chemicals rather than articles (objects) some manufacturers find it useful to have a Product Safety Data Sheet particularly if the product contains several chemicals (Power cables are an example: these consist of a number of layers, each of different chemical composition. Some customers require information on the hazards relating to these layers and this can be provided in a Product Safety Data Sheet). ATSL has experience at providing such sheets.


ATSL can:

Please note that our Safety Data Sheets are prepared by people, not software.

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